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1. Campaign in support of organ donation

Organ transplantation transforms the lives of patients who for years have suffered to such a degree that no healthy person can imagine. A thousand people in Bulgaria live in anticipation. Dozens of them are children.

Their lives are supported by painful procedures. Instead of kidneys, their blood is being purified by hemodialyzers. Instead of a heart, they have a pump under the armpit. Instead of intestine, they are on systems. Their body is supported by machines and their spirit – by the hope that they will be restored to life.

Next year, two hundred of them will surrender. Three hundred Bulgarians will have the misfortune to replace them in the waiting list. Less than 20 people will be saved this year if we do not act so as to change something.

Did you know that in Bulgaria it is about 2000% more likely for us to need a transplantation one day, than it is to become able doctors? And there is not a single case of a patient who has refused to accept donations, but ... in 90% of cases people refuse to donate.

Childhood Development Association "Article 24" is calling you to participate in the campaign in support of organ donation.

Join as a volunteer!

2. Equal parental responsibilities after divorce or separation

Association for Child Development "Article 24" supports the idea of equal parental responsibilities (rights and duties) and the co-parenting of children by their parents after divorce or separation.

The practice of awarding responsibility for the children to one of the parents - usually the mother - and giving the other "mode of access" generally limiting their contact with the child to four days a month plus twenty days during the holidays, is the product of a more bygone time with public relations that are now significantly altered.

The comparison between the current situation and that of 50 years ago shows: the woman has significantly increased her role in society and the man – his role in the family. To date, there is a leveling of the participation of both sexes in society and the family. Law enforcement in determining parental responsibilities after the divorce or separation of parents is dependent on outdated standards and is to the detriment of all – to the child, to both parents and to society.

Equal parental responsibilities, regardless of the presence or absence of marriage are supported by a number of international instruments...

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3. Traffic, sale and theft of children

Want to buy a child? It is much easier than you might think. Generally, the law prohibits the sale of children, there are severe penalties provided for in the Criminal Code. However, this is merely the façade of law. The current Family Code makes the sale of children an extremely easy task.

You simply need to contact a law firm or a nonprofit organization that provides such "service". With the help of medical professionals, they will get you into contact with an unmarried woman who has an unwanted pregnancy and material difficulties. If you are a family – the husband recognizes the child as his own, possibly even before birth. One only needs to sign a piece of paper. A month after the birth the mother consents to an adoption and the wife of the person who recognized the child becomes their legal mother. And the money - not too big a sum - a few thousand levs.

Could someone spoil the deal - yes, if the biological father knows about the child and wants to take care of him. As it is according to the Constitution and public morality. But the legislator has taken care of that. After all, businesses should be encouraged...

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