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Equal parental responsibilities after divorce or separation

Association for Child Development "Article 24" supports the idea of equal parental responsibilities (rights and duties) and the co-parenting of children by their parents after divorce or separation.

The practice of awarding responsibility for the children to one of the parents - usually the mother - and giving the other "mode of access" generally limiting their contact with the child to four days a month plus twenty days during the holidays, is the product of a more bygone time with public relations that are now significantly altered.

The comparison between the current situation and that of 50 years ago shows: the woman has significantly increased her role in society and the man – his role in the family. To date, there is a leveling of the participation of both sexes in society and the family. Law enforcement in determining parental responsibilities after the divorce or separation of parents is dependent on outdated standards and is to the detriment of all – to the child, to both parents and to society.

Equal parental responsibilities, regardless of the presence or absence of marriage are supported by a number of international instruments ratified by the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as texts in domestic legislation. The joint raising of children following a divorce or separation is a successful practice in the U.S., as well as in some European countries, for instance Spain.

The problem with parental responsibilities after divorce or separation affects not only Bulgaria, but also many other European countries, therefore the Childhood Development Association "Article 24" has begun preparing for a petition to the European Commission, which shall insist that the Commission submit a Bill in the European Parliament that would regulate the equal responsibilities of parents outside of marriage in the entire European Union.

Specific demands and detailed motives will soon be presented.